Hi, this is Craig Riddle.

I had been contacting many organizations since weeks for Solar Quotes and installation of solar system, but had got no efficient response. Then I contacted Rainbow Solar, it was amazing that within 24hrs of contact I was giving the quote and in less than few weeks of my clearing it the system was installed.

Rainbow Solar provides great services with promising quality products. They have taken fine care of all my needs. I had chosen a 6 a kilowatt system which will not only help me to cut off my power bill but also repay me in about 4-5 years through tariffs feed available. Initially costly but in long term it will hopefully save a lot of my money.

I contacted many companies but almost all of them contacted me back after 2-3 days with a quote which may take 7-8 weeks for installation of the same sized system.

Good Day, I am Gatesh

I am sending this mail to thank you guys for your excellent co- ordination & installing 4.28 Kw Solar Panels at our residence in Dandenong North. We sincerely appreciate the way you people handled our case.

Once again thank you people – keep up with the good work.

( I had referred you guys for one of my friend , who has also placed an order for similar system).

With Best Wishes,
Gatesh & Family