Worries related to power cost tops the polls

The rise in the cost of living is one of among the top priority of concert for all the countries over world including Australia. 90% of the families in Australia wish for the government to reduce the electricity bill.

With this almost ¾ of families wish that energy retailers also should help in this issues by reducing rates of power.

While the Federal Government’s final carbon tax model is going to be released within some weeks, a research project which observed nationwide reveals that almost 95% of Australians were in great worries about the electricity cost and these people also wanted the new model by the government, to help communities in saving energy and money, though more than half of the households were unaware of this extent of use of power.

A report by an energy industry lobby group, Clean Energy Council has sent a warning to the Gillard Government saying that if they want to their carbon tax to be successful, they also need to help in energy saving in houses.

CEO Matthew Warren says “If the Government is to implement the carbon tax it should make sure the community is supported and able to save on their bills. Australian households will be better off under a carbon price with the right support.”

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